Seven people died of alleged food poison in Lagos

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A family of seven died after eating food suspected to be laced with poison.

The member of the deceased family includes the husband, pregnant wife, and their five children.

Neighbors first became worried when the members of the family did not come out to perform their regular early morning chores.

Consequently, after waiting for a while, they decided to force the door open and saw them all on the floor.

Although, one of the victims was still alive when they entered, he died soon after at the hospital.

Due to the “foamy substances” coming out of their mouths, people suspected that it was poison that killed them.

An eyewitness who identified himself as Kamoru said, he saw a crowd mourning the bereaved family while driving through the axis.

However, as a result of the crowd gathering, this prevented drivers and transport workers from passing through the axis.

Police Spokesperson, Bala Elkana is yet to react to the incident as at the time this report was prepared.

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