Chad: 243 rebels jailed over incursion from Libya

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About two hundred and forty-three rebels that crossed into the Northeast of the country from Libya in February has been put in jail.

The rebels are members of the Union of Resistance forces based in the desert of South Libya.

Note that, it is also the armed group, that opposed the Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno reign.

The court proceedings started on August 20, while the court sentenced them on Monday, August 26.

Meanwhile, the French military said in February that the Chadian air force carried out the strikes to try to repel the rebels before the French intervened.

According to the Minister of Justice, Djimet Arabi, the police arrested two hundred and sixty-seven people in February.

The court sentenced ten people to twenty years in prison.

Two hundred and thirty-one others received jail terms ranging from ten to fifteen years.

In addition, twenty-four minors in police custody were set free.

A special criminal court in Chad pronounced the sentences and gave life sentences in absentia against some leaders living outside Chad including Chief Timan Erdimi.

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