Zimbabwe: First Lady declares war against malaria

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The First Lady of Zimbabwe, Auxillia Mnangagwa is declaring war against malaria.

The First Lady made the statement during a tour at the Health and Child Care stand, during her visit to the Zimbabwe Agriculture Show in Harare. (

Both herbs and pharmaceutical drugs for malaria were displayed at the show for sale. Chinese medical specialists also came to the show to showcase their products.

Malaria is common during the rainy season since there is a problem of water-logging and mosquitoes get a good environment to breed in.

She stated that the country is taking measures to prevent malaria from spreading as the rainy season approaches. (

Auxillia serves as the Ambassador for Health and Child Care in the country. She initiated a nutrition garden with different kind of vegetables at the ministry stand because of her passion for health.

Auxillia added that the cancer screening awareness campaign will continue in the country. Since the well-being of the citizens is her utmost concern.

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