Sudan: 1 killed, 58 injured in tribal conflict

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At least one person has lost his life during an outbreak of tribal violence in the Port Sudan Red Sea Coast.

The Sudanese Committee of Doctors announced the incident on Thursday, August 23.

About fifty-eight people were injured during the violence, fourteen with gunshots wounds.

All injured victims have been taken to Port Sudan Hospital, Prince Osman Dagna Hospital and the Sea cooperation Hospital.

The security authority and the state government are responsible for the security and safety of all Sudanese citizens. Said the Doctors.

The Sudanese Doctors asked that all necessary measures be put in place to prevent the incident from happening again.

A similar conflict broke out in May, which killed seven people and injured twenty-two.

The fight started between two tribes in the state of Al-Quadarit, in the east country.

The violence reached Port Sudan and renewed on Thursday due to the scarcity of water in the city.

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