South African Police arrest 560 foreigners in a raid

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On Wednesday, August 6th at least 560 foreigners were apprehended during a police raid involving immigration officials and customs in a business district in Johannesburg.

The operation was said to be to rid the area of counterfeit businesses and crime.

Over 560 undocumented foreign nationals were taken in for processing where the authorities, before taking further action would properly check their immigration status and criminal record.

The police did not specify the nationalities of those arrested during the operation.

Police found unlicensed firearms in a raid called “Operation O Kae Molao” (A Sesotho phrase meaning Operation Where’s the Law?) launched in 2018. Seven police officers were arrested and four other officers were caught selling confiscated items to traders during the raid, said South African Police.

South Africa Police Minister ,Bheki Cele said South African Law Enforcement are prepared to fight crime no matter who is affected.

“ We cannot have parallel governance with criminals, therefore, we will continue to squeeze the space for criminals to zero regardless of race, gender or nationality”. Said Cele.

Note that police officers clashed with traders barely a week ago when they tried to seize counterfeit products in the area, many commended the effort of the police while some said the action could spark xenophobic attacks.

South Africa’s Parliament Home Affairs Committee Chair Bongani Bongo said in a statement that immigrants have contributed to the growth of the country but illegal immigrants should be discouraged and deported back to their countries.

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