Missing Israeli student’s body found in Ethiopian desert

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The body of twenty-one-year-old Isreali student Aya Na’amneh, who was declared missing about 24 hours ago has been found in the Ethiopian desert after a thorough search operation on Sunday, August 18.

Na’amneh was part of a group of students of Haifa’s Technion Institute of Technology who were visiting the African country. The Ethiopian desert is currently considered one of the hottest places on earth, where temperatures spike.

Apparently she split up from the group but failed to arrive at the meeting point and she was thereafter declared missing.

Upon the news of her disappearance, teams from Magnus International Search and Rescue. together with the local police, and military forces started looking for her and found her body on Sunday.

Reports say Na’amneh fell to her death unexpectedly. Her family has been informed of her passing and the Foreign Ministry have begun arrangements to take her back to Israel for burial.

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