Libya to close three migrant detention centers

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Libyan authorities have confirmed the closure of three migrant detention centers in Misrata, Khoms and Tajoura, areas which were hit by airstrikes that killed dozens.

At least fifty-three people died last month during an attack on the Tajoura detention center which was believed to be carried out by the air force of eastern Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar.

There is concern over where the displaced migrants will go and fears that they will be moved to other detention centers which might worsen their situation since most detention centers are already overcrowded.

Libya has an estimated 600,000 migrants, many of which are from sub-Sahara African countries and they are reportedly held in squalid conditions in warehouses, camps, detention centers and private houses.

The majority travel to Libya in the hope of crossing the Mediterranean and reaching Italy but most of them encounter difficulties on the road and ended up being detained.

The bombardment of the migrant center in Tajoura prompted the UN to call for the closure of all detention centers in Libya as the Amnesty International warned of the inhuman condition within them.

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