Drone attack kills 40 Tubu tribes-people at a wedding in Libya

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An airstrike by Khalifa Haftar’s warplanes targeted a wedding in the south region town of Murzuq on Sunday, August 4 killing over forty and leaving dozens injured.

According to the Municipal member Mohammed Omar, Haftar’s warplanes targeted a wedding at Tubu Murzuq in Southern Libya, the forces loyal to strongman Khalifa Hafta launched the attack which majority of the victims were the people attending the wedding.

This is not the first time Haftar’s forces have or have attempted to attack the Tubu tribes-people in Murzuq, they attacked a couple of times last month killing and injuring many people, burnt houses and stole properties and precious belongings.

Close to 1,100 people have died since Haftar, based in Eastern Libya launched an attack against the capital Tripoli on April 4.

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