Zimbabwe Dry Port opens in Namibia, claims to be worth $3.5 Million

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On Friday, July 26th, the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa opened a dry port in Walvis Bay, Namibia reportedly worth $3.5 Million – a figure many Zimbabweans have been questioning on social media.

With the new development, Zimbabwe will no longer have to ferry its goods via long routes like Mozambique and South Africa when importing or exporting to some regions such as West Africa and North Africa.

Namibia granted the land used in setting up the port measuring 19,000 square meters in Walvis Bay, granting it access to the sea.

The port is expected to process all import and export formalities for Zimbabwe individuals and company.

It will also help in reducing the time and distance for some goods transported to and from some regions to those who value urgent services.

Mnangagwa said, ” This facility provides us in Zimbabwe with a direct alternative shipping route on the Atlantic side for both export and imports from the Americans, the far East, Europe and West Africa”.

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