South African Musician Jonny Clegg dies at 66

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After battling with Pancreatic cancer for four years, One of the most celebrated voices in modern South Africa music Jonny Clegg died on Tuesday, July 16 at the age of 66.

Clegg long time Manager Roddy Quinn said in a statement cited by various local media that: “Jonney leaves deep footprints in the hearts of every person that considers him/herself to be an African “.

” With his unique style of music, he traversed cultural barriers like few others. In many of us, he awakened awareness” said Quinn.

Clegg was fondly known as “the white Zulu” and he sold more than five million albums over three decades with massive follower worldwide. He has toured the United States, Canada and Europe several times throughout his career.

One of his song Scatterlings of Africa made it into the British charts in the 1980s and featured on the soundtrack of the 1988 Oscar-winning film Rain Man. Impi, Great Heart and African Sky Blue are also some of his hits songs.

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