Egypt North Sinai: 2 killed in suicide bombing

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A civilian and a member of the security forces were killed by a suicide bomber in Egypt’s restive North Sinai region on Thursday, July 18.

The incident occurred at a car park in the town of Sheikh Zuweid, near the border with the Gaza Strip.

According to an Egyptian Military Spokesman, the bomber’s intended target was a Military checkpoint but he was shot before getting there by the military men and his explosive belt detonated leading to the death of a soldier and a civilian.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS) armed group had claimed responsibility for the attack through Amaq website.

The Egyptian army launched a major operation in February last year into multiple armed groups, some of them are linked to ISIL and are also active in the Sinai Peninsula.

Four headless bodies were reported to have been found in an empty street in the North Sinai town of the Bir al – Abd on Wednesday after being kidnapped.

A security source and residents in the area said five of them were initially kidnapped but the kidnappers killed four and went away with one.

ISIL also admitted having beheaded the four, saying they are spies for Egyptian Military. Security services are still on the look-out to arrest these dangerous criminals.

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