Doctor who survives Ebola in DRC says he is determined to help others with the virus

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Dr. Kambale Tsongo Philemon a man who fought and survived the Ebola virus is now determined to help others who are fighting it as well.

Dr. Philemon says he is inspired to treat others suffering from the disease as he took an oath to do so when he was battling with Ebola. He is currently working with those at an Ebola medical center in Beni.

” I took an oath and I have compassion for people who are sick. I want to save lives. This is my oath. That is my job and I love it’.

Dr. Philemon said he was lucky because his wife and children were on holiday at the time he realized he had the virus in November 2018. The doctor went on to say that he never felt very ill, but still asked for a blood test to confirm his suspicions since every other symptom pointed to Ebola.

The Ebola outbreak in DRC has been declared an international emergency as over 1600 people have died due to the deadly disease.

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