Ghana: Fake soldier arrested after greeting wrongly

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A 28-year-old Ahmed Tijani Abubakari was arrested for posing as a soldier in Ghana.

Tijani was arrested on Thursday, June 6 when he visited the Military Detachment Tumu, in the Sissala East Municipality, dressed in full Military regalia.

He claimed he passed out in March 2019 and had in his possession an amount over GH 2,000.00.

He was arrested immediately after greeting the Military Officers on duty wrongly and handed over to the Tumu Municipal Police.

Tijani failed to identify his station and unit; he could not mention his service name and his Commanding Officers name either.

Chief Inspector of Police, Geoffrey Hor of Tumu Police Station said Tijani normally visits the area and holds himself as a Military Officer until his arrest.

The Military advised the public to report any suspicious character of impersonation to the police.

When a search was conducted in his house, police discovered a Military bag with a set of camouflage Military uniforms, a jacket, two pairs of boots and a Ghanaian passport bearing his name and photo.

Pictures on his phone also showed him dressed in a Military Uniform and other pictures showed him holding an assault rifle gun.

Geoffrey Hor said provisional charges of impersonation and possession of Military accoutrement without authority have been charged against him.

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