Congo Copper Mine Collapsed, 43 Illegal Miners Die

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43 people have lost their lives from the collapse of the Kamoto Copper Company Mine in the South-East Congo on Thursday, June 27.

Governor of Lualaba Province Richard Mujej said the authorities recovered thirty-six bodies on Thursday, after the accident but the death toll increased to 43 by Friday, June 28.

Accidents in the mines are recorded often, fourteen people were killed overnight in March when a small scale mine in Tin-rich area of Eastern DR Congo collapsed.

Most miners are there illegally because Congo is rich in minerals like Copper and Cobalt and artisanal miners hunt for copper to sell.

Local officials say the incident happened in Niyabibwe, about 100 kilometres (6o miles) north Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu Province.

Senior Administrative Official Muhima Kateete the accident happened during a heavy downpour at around 3 a.m after miners had dug a shaft to look for cassiterite, a source of tin but the walls caved and the mine collapsed.

Head of Local association of NGO’s said the toll was provisional and the “accidents are common and frequently deadly in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s subsistence mines, where safety is poor and risk-taking is high. Figures indicating the scale of the problem are sketchy given that many mines are illegal”.

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