Association Of Nigerian Witches Endorse Atiku For President

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The Association of White Witches in Nigeria, AWWN, has endorsed Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, ahead of the forthcoming election.

Their spokesperson Iboi Okhue said God is not happy with Nigeria under the leadership of Buhari. He announced AWWN’s endorsement after a marathon meeting at Obudu Mountain and Zuma Rock in Abuja.

“In our meetings at Obudu Mountain and Zuma Rock in Abuja, the spirits of the forefathers of this country came together to anoint Atiku as the next President of Nigeria.

“Atiku’s endorsement was affirmed when he went to Osun State for his presidential campaign.

“Incidentally, his wife Titi Atiku Abubakar is from Osun state. Atiku’s victory will shock Nigerians and the rest of the world.

“He will get massive votes from the north. This will also be a huge shock to millions of Nigerians.

“God is not happy with the way Nigerians are suffering. The Almighty God is also angry with President Buhari because he is not doing what God appointed him to do.

“The massive killing in this country is not pleasing to God and it is time to change the leadership of this country.”

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