VIDEO: Dino Melaye faints at the police station

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After eight days of police besieging his house, Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye finally surrenders himself. However, he insisted he could not breath and faints as he enters the police station.

For a week, Police surrounded his house saying the senator was wanted for interrogation over an alleged homicide. Meanwhile, Melaye announced on social media that he was watching the police via his surveillance cameras, claiming he was not home.

Today, his fellow senators convinced him to step out of his house and surrender to the police who had cut his water and electricity supplies.


  1. Deborah EBELE Reply

    Adeola I am always afraid of your life knowing that the world hates when you keep it real. I pray for you each time I watch any of your episode, how beautiful and real it is, makes me happy, no one gets a real news from anywhere not even CNN. I thank God for you, may God keep watching your back, may enemies bow there faces in shame.
    This to say I love what you are doing, well done and God keep watch over you.

  2. Honestly I believe God has a special place in heaven for you. He will continue to keep you and prosper you. You will be know in every Nation. Can’t wait to meet you some da

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