VIDEO: Man returns N1.1 million left in his tricyle, gets N200 reward

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Meet Usman, an honest tricycle rider in Taraba State, who returned the sum of N1,150,000 ($3,165) a businessman forgot in his tricycle.

According to Twitter user Hassan Hussain @Hassanpullo who had a video interview with the tricycle rider, Usman went extra miles to track down the businessman and return his money to him in Jalingo, Taraba State.

After returning the money, the owner gave Usman N200 ($0.55) for recharge card.

Below is an interview with Usman in Hausa language


  1. The reward is actually insulting; I wouldn’t collect it if I were him. What if the poor guy had absconded with the money? If the compensation wasn’t going to be reasonable, the stingy man should have said ‘thank you ‘ and gone on his way.

      • The fear of God made him to that and not the love for reward.
        God will reward him for the gesture not the man

        • Does such people still exists in Nigeria? I remember “eons years” ago, business men in that part of the country, to be precise; Sokoto, at the end of the day, will sit down on the ground outside their shop counting stacks of money to be deposited in bank. No thirties, no robbery or common thief. When the country lost all the glory of honest nation?

  2. Why less than $1??
    It’s not even a compensation but fuel refund and I guess the refund is not enough

  3. I concur with the last statement because with all these rituals going on in nigeeia, he might be mad that the guy actually returned the baggage. Who knows! !!!

  4. He should have rewarded him well for even going extra mile to return the money.well his reward is with God

  5. Adiokan alaafia Reply

    His reward has been written down for him. No qualm.
    Though,. D owner suppose to be more grateful Dan dat. Well may b his condition prevent him.

    May God b with both of them


    His rewards are with God. But the owner should have compensated him more than that. Allah knows the best!.

  7. God save the stupid man that its wasn’t me that saw the money for this Nigeria when I’m not mad.

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