We are overwhelmed by nude pictures – Kenyan lawmakers cry out (VIDEO)

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Lawmakers in Kenya have asked police to rein in increasing incidents of unsolicited messages including naked pictures that have almost broken their families and cost them their jobs.

In a discussion in parliament on Tuesday, Majority Leader Aden Duale and Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa told the National Assembly how a woman, whom they did not name, has made them afraid of using their phones while with their colleagues or family members as she has been sending them her nude photos.
“I have been afflicted. I have even the pictures in my phone. Some of them are showing very dangerous parts of human body that you cannot see with your naked eyes,” one of the lawmakers said.
“This thing has become serious, infact almost breaking people’s families. That particular person who has been sending those funny messages, pictures on phone…
“One time I was seated. I didn’t know what it was and I tried to open. Mr Speaker, for about 2, 3 days it was very difficult to have communications in my house.
“Now when I’m opening my phone I have to hide somewhere so that people there would not see,” another MP said.
They claim that social media accounts had been set up with their names and that they had been receiving the messages.
Opposition MP Junet Mohamed, said “we have been bullied, seduced and the careers of some politicians have ended due to cyber-bullying,” the Daily Nation reports. 
Lawmaker Kaptuya Cheboiwo added that, “male MPs think they are the only ones being seduced. We are also being seduced left, right and centre.”
The leader of the majority said a blogger has been using his identity to solicit money from job seekers.
The MPs say they will summon the police chief and officials from mobile phone providers to query them on the issue.

Watch part of the session below:

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