Nothing is working in Nigeria, religion and tribalism taking us nowhere – Senator blasts Buhari (VIDEO)

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Senator Isah Hamma Misau representing Bauchi Central, has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for seeking re-election while nothing is working in the country.

Speaking during a committee meeting at the National Assembly, 
Misau berated ​president Buhari for not being proactive towards burning national issues​.
His words: “It is painful​. W​e don’t have hospitals, we don’t have schools​; nothing is working in the country ​and all of us are saying 2019.
​”​What is 2019​? Are we sure we are going to reach 2019? it’s so bad. Things are happening.
“Leaders, you have to beg them before they go and see what is happening in places.
“Media have to make a lot of noise before leaders go there. What kind of a country is this? What lesson are we going to leave for our younger generation.
“Today as a Senator, you get frustrated, talk less of somebody that have no job.”
“This issue of tribalism that we are doing. Language is just a means of communication.
“Is religion not a personal thing between me and God? Did anybody go to the grave and told us heaven is good? Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim. It is something that is personal and between you and God. That should not disturb anybody. Are you going to tell me that the whole of China (1 billion people) are going to hell? And they are not practicing Islam or Christianity.
“It is what you do that we take you to heaven.
“We make noise about religion and we don’t even practice it.”

“Nigeria is backward. Nigeria is not moving. It is only theory that they would fabricate papers that we’re moving forward, in practical we are going no where.”

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