Video shows man ‘sexually assaulting’ corpse of Ebony Reigns in mortuary, sparks anger

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A disturbing video of a man believed to be a mortuary attendant touching the corpses of late Afropop singer Ebony Reigns and her friend, Franky Kuri, has sparked anger in Ghana after it surfaced on social media.

Franky died alongside the musician in a tragic crash on the Sunyani-Kumasi road on February 8, 2018.
In the footage, the mortuary attendant can be seen touching and examining the badly injured bodies of the two.
The identity of the attendant as well as the location of the mortuary is unknown.
Another assistant was seen using a mobile device to film the incident.
Mortuary attendant was seen holding the head of Franky Kuri while staring at her concurrently.
“Unbelievable! Life is too short,” he said.
“I have taken footage of it. If I see it on social media, I will hold you responsible because I won’t share it,” the second person is heard as saying.
At some point, the same man was filmed seemingly Ebony’s corpse until the one taking footage asked him to take off his hands so he could film his preferred part. 
The development has sparked anger in Ghana.

Ebony’s father and her management have threatened to take legal actions against Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary.


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