Too many scam mails from Nigerians – FBI

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States, has raised the alarm over increasing scam emails from Nigerians. 

This was disclosed by Police Public Relations Officer of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Mr. Lawal Audu, who just returned from FBI training, coming out as one of the best in the class.
Audu said: “A major problem we have on our hands is the problem of scammers. They keep sending emails, even to police officers overseas. 
“I was confronted at the FBI Academy. Nearly all the 227 police officers, law enforcement officers, told me that they receive scam emails from Nigerians on a daily basis. Youths should be encouraged to channel their time and energy into something worthwhile and profitable.”
 Audu said that scammers’ activities are not helping the battered image of Nigeria.
“Try to go to travel to any country; their immigration will check you several times before allowing you to go because you’re a Nigerian,” he added. 
Audu noted that illegal activities of some Nigerians were affecting Nigeria as a whole because their activities were making foreigners view Nigerians as people who love forgeries and scamming people.
He said: “We are blessed with many resources. Nigeria is a fertile land. Everybody wants white collar jobs, but it can’t work that way. A skill acquisition will make you to become your own boss. There are no jobs anywhere in the world. But you can create job for yourself.”
According to Audu, “Nigerian economy is picking and not that bad. Even overseas, things are not easy there. Nigerians are into serious menial jobs overseas, “he said. 


  1. From all what I have been reading about Nigerians activities report in Foreign lands, The whole of Africa and Africans and every black man is considered as Nigerians. Especially when something bad was committed, But when good things are done, they now look at a specific country' s name to be mentioned. Huuuun so bad. Is Africa in Nigeria? Why should the the outsiders be looking at the whole of Africa as Nigeria? Any answer or Comment?

  2. Create enable environment i bet you those activities will stop. Someone people went into farming herdsmen could not allow them. You ask for loan to start up a business and create jobs bank will ask to deposit your grandparent head. You manage to raise little to start government will bring one useless policy overnight. Your business will run down with high cost of fuel because no light. The highest scammer in Nigeria are politicians. Scamming started from our leaders, They should be held accountable.

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