Plane forced to make emergency landing after passenger refused to stop farting (VIDEO)

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A pilot was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing after fight broke out mid-air because a passenger’s wouldn’t stop farting.

Transavia Airlines flight HV6902 was heading to Amsterdam from Dubai when the pilot had to make emergency landing in Vienna, telling authorities the passengers were on a rampage, Mirror.co.uk reports.
Chaos erupted on the flight when two Dutchman who were sitting next to the flatulent man told him to stop and complained to Transavia Airlines crew.
Despite repeated requests and even a direct order from the pilot the man carried on and a fight broke out.
The pilot of the Dutch low-cost airline then decided to make an emergency landing at Vienna International Airport in Austria.
Officers boarded the plane with police dogs and four suspects were escorted off the plane.
Four people who were seated near the man were escorted from the plane in Austria.
One of the removed passengers, 25-year-old Nora Lachhab told De Telegraaf the crew didn’t do much to ease the situation.
“It was crazy that we were included, we had no idea who these boys were, we just had the bad luck to be in the same row and we didn’t do anything,” she said.
“All I will say is that the crew were really provocative and stirred things up.”
“Do they sometimes think that all Moroccans cause problems? That’s why we do not let it sit.
“We had to find our own flights home with another airline.

“All I will say is that the crew were really provocative and stirred things up.”

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