Nigerian lady attempts suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her, leaves note (PHOTOS)

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A Nigerian lady has penned her parents and friends a heartbreaking note, and attempted suicide after her man broke up with her.

In the suicide note, Itunuoluwa Ogunwuyi named her lover, accusing him of cutting her life short.
It is not known if she eventually carried out the threat.
According to her friends, Itunu wrote a suicide note that reads:
“I don’t have other chouce than to cut it short. I got betrayed by a man I deeply love, he claim he loved me too, people warned me about Imo state men, but I didn’t listen, Kenny Eze you cut my life short due to your sweet words, YOU! To my people this is my account details ***** password ***. Let the world know about me and learn from me, Sorry mum, sorry dad, I can’t hold it to people I may disappoint. IKENNA EZE, I still love you by my spirit, and no one will ever love or have baby for you in your life, Keep this date. 20-2-2018. Good bye to this wicked world. Itunu”
Find the suicide note and her posts on Facebook below:

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