Court backs Senate’s rejection of Magu as EFCC chairman

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A Federal High Court in Abuja has ruled that the Nigerian Senate is conferred with the authority to ensure the choice of “only suitable and credible persons for appointment to the office”.

The court gave the ruling in determining the suit challenging the Senate’s authority to deny an appointee to the office of Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr Ibrahim Magu, under the EFCC Act.
A copy of the judgement obtained by Channels Television on Thursday revealed that Justice John Tsoho gave the ruling on January 15, 2018.
He also held that any impression that the Senate is a rubber stamp of Presidential appointees is misconceived and running contrary to Section 2(3) of the EFCC Act.
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  1. The Nigerian Senate’s ambition to oust Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC Chairperson, continues to demean Nigeria’s democracy. A Senate led by Saraki, a person who cannot tell the difference between integrity and accountability. Saraki, infirmed by political defect of reason, is the one spearheading attacks on Magu. In other societies, once the allegations of his involvement in myriads of scandals became known, he should have resigned. If he resisted, various legal groups, or concerned citizens would have forcibly removed him. But not in Nigeria – a fertile zone for political and economic crimes. Here is a man who converted a state bank to his personal property without the slightest concern for the depositors and relevant stakeholders. Here is a man who, without remorse, continued to receive undue, and illegal salaries from the poor people of Kwara State after his governorship had ended. Here is a man who was renting his own home to federal government, collecting rent, and parading himself as the senate president. Here is a man who lied to the senate claiming medical credentials when he had nothing to show for. Here is a man who bribed a judge in a crocodile case against Sahara Reporters just because the News Agency was doing its own job. When one is talking bribery and corruption in Nigeria, Saraki is the briber emeritus. This tainted senate president can only survive in Nigeria, an unfortunate, failed state.
    Nigerians must ask the Senate: Who investigated Magu’s background and reported to the Senate confirmation committee? Well, it has got to be the director of Nigeria’s DSS, a man who shamefully and nepotically appointed 55 agents from his home state leaving the rest of the states wanting. Was that the kind of transparency and credibility that the senate should recognize when evaluating the background of nominee? Shame on you Saraki and co. They said Magus was not suitable; OK, so was the DSS Director a suitable individual when he showed no respect for equality and fairness as enshrined in our constitution? Presently, Nigeria has no one who should be called the Senate President. Saraki is celebrating a sham court decision because he paid bribes for the decision. After all, the judges and some veteran SANs, are in his pocket; he can pick and choose. Which country in this world would the lawmaking body gang-up against a Federal Investigator in the absence of the Investigator’s personal indiscretion? Only in Nigeria. If these cowards believe they have nothing to hide from Nigerians, why are they so troubled by Magu’s Chairmanship? Magu’s work is the reason Nigeria is having a breathing space in today’s world. He is conducting investigations to protect this nation, despite the roadblocks erected by the likes of Saraki. President Buhari should not dance to this unpatriotic tune. The President must not disturb Magu’s job status. The moment Buhari’s government removes Magu, Nigeria will take a nose dive, and suffer alienation from the rest of the world. Corrupt lawmakers come and go, but Nigeria and its citizens remain. On the whole, Nigeria former President Obasonjo must step up and protect his patriotic ambition that gave the Nation EFCC; first in the history of Nigeria. Nigeria does not need Saraki and his blockheaded shyster lawyers and judges. However, Nigeria and its citizens demand transparency to be executed by Magu through investigations of questionable individuals and businesses. Magu is the man who gives Nigeria respect among Nations that are patriotic, and crime-deterrent. Before you go just know that Nigerian Judiciary has no qualities to be respected; it is a Kangaroo court infested by unscrupulous judges.

  2. I have always known that, this is going to be so. If the Nigerian senate does not have power to reject a nominee then why did the president forward the name to them. I laugh when people say that the Senate rejected him because the members are against fighting corruption. Does it mean we do not have any other person, beside Magu who can perform the task.Even myself who ordinarily would not do more than a dead rat, with presidential and a little of national power given to me, i will be fearless and therefore do more than Magu. There is nothing like he is the only fearless person. No person can claim to be the only fearless or incorruptible person in Nigeria. Has the nation set fearless or integrity test for every Nigerian? Do not be surprise that these our today's revered personalities are not what the claim to be. Example; the Holy Faruk Lawal. Sometimes people are been perceived wrongly from what the are in reality. In the political game some politicians market their perception in a positive way while doing the opposite to their opponents. We need to build institutions that will be transparent enough that whether The Holy one is in charge or Lawrence Anini is in charge, the system will be upright.

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