22-year-old lady finally finds her dad who abandoned her mom because he thought she was an “outcast”

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A 22-year-old Sandra Okeneke is set to reunite with her biological father for the first time in her life after he abandoned her and her late mother at birth. 

The lady revealed that her grandmother told her years ago that her father rejected her mother because of the name of her hometown, Umuosu Ubakala in Umuahia South, Abia State.

Okeneke Joe reportedly disappeared after getting the woman pregnant.
Mr. Joe reportedly thought people from Ubakala are Osu, saying he can’t marry and live with an outcast. 
Among the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria, some see the Osu as outcasts, the equivalent of being an “untouchable”.
With the help of Nnamdi Victor, the girl launched a search online to find her father after seeing a picture of him and her late mother hidden with her birth certificate.

According to Sandra, her mother died in 2008.
Victor revealed today that he has contacted Mr. Joe who lives in Jos, Plateau South, after sharing his pictures on Facebook.
Below is Victor’s post:
This world is indeed a very small tiny place. We all should be extremely careful my brothers and sisters. Don’t ever think you can commit and disappear and no one will ever find you again! Big Fat Lie! Truly, as long as we are alive, we still have a date with our past.
Brothers and Sisters, I wish to inform everyone that we have found Sandra’s father Mr Okeneke Joe. When we made the post, one lady commented that she knows the man in Jos. I chatted her up and she agreed to house Sandra when she comes to Jos and take her to the man’s shop. Later in the night, another guy chatted me up that he knows the man too in Jos. He promised to get me his phone number and this afternoon, I just spoke for hours with Mr Okeneke Joe on phone. I introduced myself and told him everything Sandra told me. I could sense the shock and surprise in his voice! I’m sure he never ever ever saw it coming. But Awwwww! He is just a humble man. No stress! He accepted that he can’t wait to see his daughter Sandra.

So any moment from now, Sandra will be on her way to Jos to meet her biological father for the first time after two decades. We will transport her from the money in the group account.

Thanks everyone who shared the post! I am now fearing the power of social media! Please let’s live right bro. Don’t ever think you can impregnate a lady and disappear. One day, that child will go out to search for you and just like Sandra, you must be found in a way you will be shocked to the marrows.
What a small world!
Thank you!

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