You reduce marital problems by 50% if you marry from your town – Ex-diplomat Simoyan

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Eighty-three-year-old retired diplomat, Olayinka Simoyan, says it’s the best thing to marry from one’s hometown.

Speaking to PUNCH correspondent Toluwani Eniola, Mr Simoyan said: “I got married when I was 30 because I studied at a much older age. I should have got married before 30. I had to marry because I was going abroad. I had to settle down.  I met my wife long ago. Her elder sibling was my friend. Her grandfather was my father’s friend. She is more or less in the same family circle. She hails from Egbe too. I think it’s the best thing to marry from one’s hometown.  If you marry from your town, the problems of marriage are reduced by 50 per cent. This is because you get to understand each other better. Marriage is a problematic situation because two people from different backgrounds are coming together to form a home. The two of you would have to decide to be friends but I took my wife as my sister.  She passed on in 2008 and it has been hard living without her.”

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