PHOTOS: Teacher killed for flogging student in Anambra State

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Pictures of Rita Odilinye, who was killed last week after flogging a 14-year-old student for not sweeping her class at Starlight secondary school, Ogidi, Anambra state, have emerged online.

The student’s mother who came with other relatives, hit the teacher with a stick she had come with on the head. 
The teacher collapsed and a hospital confirmed her dead.
A condolence register has been opened for the deceased teacher in the school as students and teachers as well are yet to recover from the shocking incident.
Miss Rita was until her death, an Igbo language teacher and class mistress in the school. 
A source in the school told Vanguard the teacher came to the school only to discover that her class was not swept and when she asked the students in the class why the class was not swept, she was informed that it was the turn of one Chinaza Okafor to sweep the class. 
The source said: “The students told her that Chinaza, who was supposed to sweep the class before going home the previous day after school dismissal as they used to do, did not sweep it.
“And when queried by the teacher, she proved stubborn in her response which angered the teacher and she flogged her. 
“As she was being flogged, she ran out of the class and scaled the school fence since the gate was locked. She made straight to their house where she reported to her mother that she was flogged by her teacher for not sweeping the classroom.

“Furiously, the mother came to the school armed with sticks, accompanied by her daughter and one other person to revenge the flogging meted out to her daughter.”

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