‘There’s no going back’ – Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party tells Mugabe to resign

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Leaders of Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party are meeting on Friday to draft a resolution to dismiss President Robert Mugabe at the weekend and lay the ground for his impeachment next week if he refuses to stand down, a senior party source said.

“There is no going back,” the source told Reuters. “If he becomes stubborn, we will arrange for him to be fired on Sunday. When that is done, it’s impeachment on Tuesday.”
According to Associated Press, an official says another provincial branch of Zimbabwe’s ruling party has passed a no-confidence vote in President Robert Mugabe as the world’s oldest head of state struggles to remain in power.
The official with knowledge of the meeting says Mashonaland East province passed the no-confidence vote. Other ruling party branches in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces are said to be following suit.
Parliament is expected to resume sitting on Tuesday. It is possible that the ruling ZANU-PF party could use party procedures to impeach Mugabe with the support of opposition lawmakers.

Mugabe has been under house arrest since the military moved in this week, angered by his firing of longtime deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa. Negotiations continue on his departure, though he is said to be asking for more time.

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  1. The Zimbabweans are too much, in just one week everything is almost done all because the military think with their brain not like the Togolese military who think with their anus instead of their brain. Togolese military stand by your country and fight for the future of your children because your so called Faure Gnassingbe is a selfish person if not he wouldn't send you guys orchestrate violence and put the blame on the protesters so please act like the Zimbabweans military. Énusianu fé nu wuwu lé, Faure Gnassingbe tso kpoo

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