Photo of the day: China officials and family members taken on prison tours as a warning against corruption

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Chinese authorities regularly take government officials and members of their families on tours of prisons as a “warning” against corruption.

Nigeria’s EFCC (The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) claims L. A Yifan, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chinese Communist Party confirmed the picture and story to the commission (EFCC) at the ongoing 7th Session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corrption holding in Vienna, Austria.
In 2015, China Daily newspaper reported that in the country’s eastern Hubei province, 70 Communist Party leaders, senior officials and their spouses “visited ex-officials in the city prison and spent a day in jail as an educational warning”, the newspaper said.
President Xi Jinping has made weeding out corruption a top priority since coming to power, investigating and arresting senior government officials, military chiefs and business leaders.


  1. Good one. I've always felt this type of thing should be propagated, through all mediums to warn All. An illustration of that, which awaits offenders.

  2. That will not work in Nigeria. The police and prison staff will bring them everything they need including sexual favors if they want it.

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