Google honours Nigerian author Chinua Achebe on posthumous birthday

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Technology giant, Google, has honoured Nigerian literary icon, Chinua Achebe, considered the father of modern African literature, on its doodle.

Mr. Achebe would have been 87 today.
In his honour, Google changed its logo to a doodle, or illustration, portraying him.
Google Doodle is a special logo on Google’s homepage that is always temporarily alternated and intended to celebrate holidays, events, achievements and people.
Google said that Achebe had been honoured to underscore his status as a figure of 20th century literature.

“One man took it upon himself to tell the world the story of Nigeria through the eyes of its own people,” Google said on the landing page explaining the Doodle.

”Chinua Achebe was the studious son of an evangelical priest. A student of English literature, he started writing in the 1950s, choosing English as his medium but weaving the storytelling tradition of the Igbo people into his books.
”His characters were insiders, everyday people such as the village chief (in Things Fall Apart); the priest (in Arrow of God) or the school teacher (in A Man of the People).
”Through their stories, we witness a Nigeria at the crossroads of civilisation, culture and generations.”

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