Adeola’s Show 2 (Zimbabwe Coup; Buhari Spends $3 Billion Looking For Oil In The North)

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Zimbabwean army seizes power and takes control of the country’s capital, Harare, while keeping President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest.

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Nigeria has spent $3 billion in bid to find oil in the North. So far, none has been found. Adeola thinks this money could have been spent more wisely.

As a warning against corruption, Chinese government officials are regularly taken on tour of prisons, along with their family members to meet jailed corrupt officials. Adeola thinks we should adopt this system in Africa.
Adeola shows you sights of Uganda.



  1. It mean the buhari himself is corrupt.how can you spend that kind of money in looking for oil, that money would have gone a long way in health sector,or education sector.

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