World’s most expensive shoe costs $15 million (PHOTOS)

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After creating the world’s most expensive dress, Debbie Wingham created shoes to match.

She shared pictures of the shoe on her Instagram page with the caption: “Last night was the big reveal of my 4th world’s most expensive, the world’s most expensive shoe valued at 15.1 million, this time I wasn’t a one woman band and I did a collaboration with the AMAZING Chris Campbell from the @shoebakery . It was created for one of my arabian clients who had a portfolio of diamonds and wanted a unique piece of diamond art, the client loves pastries and fashion, a girl out of my own heart, Chris Campbell was my obvious partner since he is excellent at what he does and his mind set is pastry all the way! we designed the shoes together and Chris made them since he is a shoe art master, this is unusual for me since im a control freak and create everything myself with my name on it but Chris doing a WME can be life changing, I’m so glad I could present you this opportunity and let’s just say you smashed it!!!”

Taking hundreds of hours to create, the finished pair feature some of the world’s rarest stones. Pink and blue diamonds account for a majority of the cost, totaling to around $13 million, and they encrust the shoes, while four three-carat white diamonds and 1,000 pointer diamonds line the edges.

Every single one of the stones is set with platinum with the zip and plaque on the sole made out of solid gold. The shoes themselves are leather painted with 24-carat gold and stitched together with 18-carat gold thread.
In the past, Wingham has also created a $15.4 million article of clothing. The Red Diamond Abaya is encrusted with 2,000 stones including the rarest and most expensive red diamond, giving it the title of the world’s most expensive garment.

As well as wardrobe essentials, Wingham is also into baking, creating a $63 million cake. 

Commissioned by a wealthy Arab family for their daughter’s birthday, Wingham created a six-foot long cake in 2015.
Designed in the style of a catwalk complete with front row guests, the baking success featured non-edible pink, yellow, and white diamonds as well as another 4,000 stones, including amethysts and emeralds.

Yahoo Style contributed to this report

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