UN chief asks Cameroon to probe deadly attacks on anglophones

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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on Cameroon to probe deadly attacks in the country’s restless English-speaking region after protests leading to a symbolic declaration of independence.

At least 17 people were killed in weekend attacks in mostly French-speaking Cameroon’s southwest, a region once under British rule.
Guterres “calls on the Cameroonian authorities to investigate these incidents”, his spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement late Monday.
He called on “political leaders on both sides to appeal to their followers to refrain from any further acts of violence, and to unequivocally condemn all actions that undermine the peace, stability and unity of the country.”
Guterres also urged “representatives of the Anglophone community to … (seek) solutions to the community’s grievances, within the framework of the Cameroonian constitution.”
Amnesty International said “at least” 17 people had been killed by security forces.
On Sunday, separatists used the October 1 anniversary of the official unification of the English- and French-speaking parts of Cameroon to declare independence for “Ambazonia” — the name of the state they want to create.
Anglophones account for about a fifth of the West African nation’s population of 22 million.
English-speakers complain they have suffered decades of economic inequality and social injustice at the hands of the French-speaking majority.


  1. How can UN ask the killer to investigate those he commissioned to kill unarmed anglophones but pay billions to armed BOKO HARAM?
    If UN is authorizing the Cameroon government to kill Southern Cameroonians then should stay quiet and watch us die to make them happy. Nonsense UN.

  2. I don't know why Nigeria has not recall her high commissioner from Cameroon after knowing that Cameroon is financing BOKO HARAM with billions of frs CFA.
    When BOKO HARAM leader was declared wanted in Nigeria, he was hiding in Cameroon in Minister AHMADOU ALI's house in Kolofata in the Far North Region of Cameroon.
    He went back to Nigeria and sent men to come get the minister's wife and they got her. BOKO HARAM chief used her three months and she was brought back.
    BOKO HARAM is buying arms with the money they received from Cameroon. BOKO HARAM ran out of arms since but because they received billions from Cameroon, secured more arms for themselves.
    If you follow this strictly, you will realize that Cameroon send about 875 soldiers to face armed BOKO HARAM but the same Cameroon sent 1500 soldiers to kill unarmed English speaking Cameroon.
    This was carefully studied. The Northers like minister of communication, AHMADOU Ali, speaker of national Assembly threaten the president that if he sends more that number soldiers to their regions, they are going overthrow him.
    This they did because their children are fighting alongside BOKO HARAM and did not want them killed. BOKO HARAM will never run out of money as far as Biya lives. Nigerian authorities should stand up and bring Paul Biya to book if not that war against BOKO HARAM will never end.

  3. To my understanding, The UN is not for the week.
    The africans population today is growing faster on this earth. The little mistake you make can be used to reduce you poeple.look for solution and stop seeking from were you Will have more death than help.##Yourforfathershavebeenthereandnothingwasdone.

  4. UN always wants to be politically correct. They really do not care about the human lives. They are still going to ask the very regime that lies and kill her own people to do investigation like they do not know what is going on.

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