Elections will go ahead despite opposition leader’s withdrawal – President Kenyatta

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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Tuesday that a re-run of August’s nullified presidential election would go ahead as planned on Oct. 26 after opposition leader Raila Odinga said he was withdrawing from the “unfair” race.

“We have no problem going back to elections. We are sure we will get more votes than the last time,” Kenyatta told a rally in the southern town of Voi, speaking in Kiswahili.
On Twitter, the president wrote: “What is the justice in the act of withdrawing from an election after causing Kenyans to use Kenya shillings 12 billion? #VoiNiJubilee.”
“Democracy is for all and no single individual can stand in the way of the democratic right of the people #VoiNiJubilee #WakenyaNiWaleWale”

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