VIDEO: Armed Biafrans hunt for Hausas in the South-East

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This is the moment armed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) hunt for Hausa people in Aba, South East Nigeria.

They are seen stopping commercial buses and asking for Hausa people among the passengers.

The bus passengers kept saying “There’s no Hausa passenger on the bus”.



  1. Murtala Abubakar Reply

    The intention of Kanu and his cohorts is to provoke reprisal killings in the north. Please do not fall into their trap. You should not kill anyone in reprisal. Let and trust the FGG to handle the situation.

  2. This is not the way forward, all this acts are taking us backward each day. Everyone is to be blamed on this, both the FG and Biafra. People perish for lack of knowledge. Nigeria as a whole is perishing because he lack Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The country is shaking because NO SOLID FOUNDATION was made from the beginning, how can we stand when the people we look up to as leaders are divided within themselves. Nigeria should be one of the best and richest country in the world, but we are rated as one of the worst economy despite all we have, with our resources the rate of poverty in Nigeria should be less than 20%. Nigerians are intelligent, smart and strong. How long shall our leaders continue to treat us as slaves when trusted them to lead us and treat us like brothers and sisters. This is one reason i never vote, they always show us what we want to see and after they have the power they put Aboniki inside our eye so we can't see what they are doing. I wonder when we will become the future leaders we were told in our schooling days, i wonder when Nigeria and Africa will sit down for a moment to THINK and realize we are the most BLESSED continent in the World but the rate of poverty is higher to other nations and continent who don't even have half of our resources. Our leaders should be ashamed each time they visit other foreign nations. Until this very moment Some if not most people around the world see Africa as a jungle of animals, WHY? Because we are under developed and uncivilized. We live in a Continent/Country of Fear and Greed. The voice of the people are never been heard, we don't have freedom of speech, this is what they call Democracy??? Well i have said a lot, i wish it would make a change HUH!! Not is this country i know of. We just continue to pray for Nigeria and Africa because NA ONLY GOD FOR MAKE THE CHANGE WE DEY LOOK FOR. God Bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa

  3. Am from Ghana pls this is wrong stop it.this's not the way to achieve your goals also remember there are many of brothers nd sisters at the north

  4. Selfish Kanu and his cohorts. Starting what they cannot finish. I pity the downtrodden.

  5. This is uncalled for and I totally condemn it. But on a serious not what we just saw on the video has not be happening until our evil Leader Buhari ordered the military invasion of a peaceful region. He is to be blamed for this to me.He coursed it so have to bear the consequence of being a useless leader

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