Prophet Bushiri allegedly introduces customized ATM card for tithe, offering payments (PHOTO)

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who recently bought a brand new 2017 G-Wagon for his wife one month after she bought him a Rolls Royce, has allegedly released customised ATM cards for his church members to use in paying tithe and offerings.

The Malawian billionaire preacher, popularly called Major 1, is believed to be one of the richest pastors in Africa.
He is the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering, ECG.
The customised Automated Teller Machine cards have his face on it.
Facebook user Ntje Ishmael Moholo shared the photo on social media and wrote: “Prophet Bushiri rolls out new ATM cards to make it easy for church followers to pay for tithes automatically every Sunday. What would Jesus say?”
Below is the picture:
Below are pictures of the Rolls Royce and G-Wagon the man of God and his wife bought for each other to celebrate their birthdays:


  1. Vrey disgusting. " Men of God " soon be printing their own cuurency and issueing their own cheque books. haaaaaaaaa

  2. Well it's nobody's business but God's blessings in partnership with him so if you need partner with God and you will never regret.

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