Military denies holding Nnamdi Kanu in its custody

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The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) says the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, is not in any military custody.

It also denied reports that the military raided the home of Kanu.
Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja, on Friday, Director Defence Information, (DDI) Major Geneneral John Enenche, said the people that came out to attack the military were the Biafra Security Service and the Biafra National Guard, adding that it is not right for them to block the roads and be collecting tolls and intimidating law-abiding citizens of the state.
He said: “It is not the responsibility of DHQ to declare Nnamdi Kanu wanted. Nnamdi Kanu is not in the custody of the military. Nobody raided Kanu’s home and I stand to be justified not from the information I got. I was watching it live, was monitoring it live, speaking with them on the ground.
“I think I later confirmed that there was nothing to actually justify the legality of IPOB members mounting roadblocks. I saw the militancy, nobody told me and I saw the actions there. We are still investigating.
“The military did not proscribe IPOB. Due process was followed to proscribe them. The job of the military was to diagnose security issues and warned the public of consequences and that is part of our media operations.
“We did our operations very well otherwise that weekend would have been the longest weekend in this country and we are also very careful in choosing our words and we know the law very well.”
On whether DHQ is not alarmed about the militarisation of the country, a state in which the United States of America claimed the country was, the defence spokesman said: “It is the military that would tell you the signs and symptoms of a security ailment because it is only a doctor that can tell you that somebody has cancer or malaria. Whatever another person is seeing they will not see it in military perspective.

“Other countries have passed through this, if you go into history, before getting to where they are as developed countries today. Like in China you see one policeman inside a car, you hardly see a military man outside and it depends on the developmental process and what you have passed through. That’s why in simple terms I will tell you that we are not alarmed at all.”

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  1. How did Buhari who allegedly looted Petroleum Trust Fund become President?
    So, that uninformed Nigerians may know:
    Saddam Hussein, the former President of Iraq was tried, convicted and executed by hanging for murdering 122 Iraqi citizens in the Dujail Province of Iraq. Buhari has so far, massacred more than 122 Nigerian citizens from Zaria, SE and other parts of Southern Nigeria and therefore, should face similar fate like Saddam Hussein if, tried and convicted.
    Buhari, the tyrant, the dictator and the oppressor and with his Hausa/Fulani terrorist invaders from Mali, Sudan belong to the axis of evil.

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