VIDEO: Free Master’s Program In America

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So I just found out about this free Master’s program and decided to share with you all. It’s a free master’s program presently running at Arizona State University. Please share the video with anyone that could benefit from this program while it lasts.
Please be sure to select the W. P. Carey MBA – Full-Time Program when choosing degree. It’s near the very bottom of the page where you select business courses.

As stated in the video, the main website of the school is www.asu.edu However, the website of the business school is www.wpcarey.asu.edu

After filling the program selection section as seen below, click search in front of location. Then select W. P. Carey MBA – Full Time Program.


    • Please watch the video, she gave all the information you need. If you can't complete the task, the program is not for you. Watch to the very last second of the video.

    • She mentioned you in the last one minute of the video. Go watch it to the end.

  1. Thanks for the information and for going above and beyond to even call the school to get more info

    • You want to study MBA and you cannot listen to simple instructions? Go and listen to the video again.

  2. Muhammed Abiola Sulaiman Reply

    Thanks my able sis. Olohun a dupe fun yin pupopupo oo.

  3. Are you all just lazy or what. Someone gave you free information,yet you are asking her to email you the information??? Seriously??? Just imagine the number of people that watches her show and read her blog, now imagine half of her audience requesting for her to email them. I guess by then, she'll be busy replying every lazy person typing their email addresses here. If it's to watch some silly video, you all won't have a problem doing that; but something to benefit your life, you are asking her to do it for you… Get serious people.

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