VIDEO: Jim Iyke joins #ResumeOrResign protest Day 3 as anti-Buhari protesters defy police

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Popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke on Wednesday joined protesters demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari should either return to the country from his medical vacation in London or resign from his position.

The protesters trooped out in greater numbers to continue their agitation in Abuja despite Tuesday’s police attack.
Jim Iyke and Bring Back our Girls co-founder, Aisha Yesufu, were some of the famous faces present at Wednesday’s outing at the Unity Fountain where protesters were attacked the previous day.

Speaking during the protest, the actor said: “What we are asking for is simple. Enough is enough, you cannot run a country outside the country.
We are gathered here to say enough is enough. It is a simple thing, our mantra is one and our decision is one. 
“Unequivocally, we are saying that the president either resumes or resigns. It is natural when you get old you shift and let the young ones take over.”
The protesters’ full demands are: “that the president either personally or through his aides make the true detail of his health known to all Nigerians; that president should address all Nigerians in a language we can all understand on the true state of his health and other national issues; that he returns to the country and resume work as president of Federal Republic of Nigeria in order to lead us out economic and security quagmire we have been pushed into as a nation; if President Buhari fails, refuses and/ or neglect to do any of the above , then he should  resign from office; if he fails to honourably resign, then he should be impeached from office by the national assembly.”

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  1. Personally ones health status is personal, so far as I am concern young people are the cause of all this, this old voters are not as many as the young voters. Why will on earth a young man cast his vote for an old person. Young ones are suppose to lead while the old with their wealth of advise and wisdom guide them, not the other way round. This is a shit country

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