Nigerians need to restructure their mentality first – Obasanjo

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Nigeria’s former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he will not be a part of the ongoing debate over Nigeria’s restructuring because he believes that Nigerians first of all need to restructure their minds.

Chief Obasanjo made this known while speaking to Channels TV in South Africa, on the sidelines of the just concluded African leadership forum in Johannesburg.
He said there are very divergent views on how to go about restructuring whereas the focus should be on how to include everyone in a nation that is already well endowed.
“We have to restructure our mentality, we have to restructure our minds we have to restructure our understanding of Nigeria, what country do we want and if we decide on what country we want, how do we get that country, all hands on deck.

“How do we get inclusive, how do we get every Nigerian feeling a sense of having a stake in the country,” he said.

Channels TV


  1. While the whole Southern and Middle Belt Christians support restructuring, only OBJ and his Core Northern parasites are singing different songs. Peace will continue to elude Nigeria if power is not devolved to the States according to Independence Constitution.

  2. Let's fight to restructure first. Any other thing including corruption are secondary. The primary issue today is restructuring. When Buhari and his parasitic North hear the word: Restructure, they panic. Whey do they panic?

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