Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps. 273 (Why Buhari Is Still In London; Congo War & Rwandan Election)

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This week, Adeola finds out why Nigerian President is still in London after three months.
Is the Senate President Bukola Saraki trying to be president?

93-year-old Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe says he is not dying or leaving.

Adeola discusses the unrest in Congo, the role of surrounding countries and the West.

She also looks at the recent Rwandan election.


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  1. Wow… It's just painful that way things are in this part of the world. I just pray the youths in Africa can stand for their future and the future of the generations to come.

    It's never right to pull people down for you to rise, let alone killing. I just wish DRC can seek allied with one of the world strongest country like Russia, China, etc. to help strengthen the military capacity. Ofcouse the country have to work together to unsit the current administration to be able to achieve that.

    Adeola, thanks for this good work. I kudos your passion for a change world. Just keeping it real!!! -Sunday Osho

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