VIDEO: Why Canada Is Great For International Students

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In this video, Adeola talks about the benefits of studying in Canada such as the eligibility to work on and off campus. Adeola also reveals some provinces with low tuition rate across Canada.

Also, in the video below, Adeola talks about the general advantages of living in Canada as an immigrant:


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  1. Hi Adeola. Thanks for being an inspiration. I would like to have a list of foreign universities which offer full or partial scholarships sent to my mail; onyx.beesy@yahoo.com

  2. Good day Adeola,Please kindly forward list of Canadian Universities that offer Post Graduate Scholarships to Africans to my mail.(oludolapoajayi@gmail.com). Thanks.

  3. Most of you asking her for the list of colleges are the most laziest human beings. You can't live in Canada at all. You have to learn to do or find out information by your self. Did you not listen to her, she said " I have never lives in Canada and I schooled in the USA" so what list are you asking for? Nigerians can think. So she should go and search the name of the schools for you whilst you sit back. Very soon you will ask her to help you with paying and getting a visa. I am sorry for you all. Go and do your reach your selves lazy dumb heads….

    • That's my people for you. Thanks for your bluntness, I hope they are paying attention……

  4. Hi adeola thanks for the message, I need to know how to process the admission in to Canada… Am schooling here in Malaysia but the fee of Canada is far better than here… And here no work permit for students… This is my email Mikedipson99@gmail.com….

  5. I think the statement of the Anonymous up there is a little harsh but I share their opinion. How can you guys be asking for this lady to send you a list? If you can give a good reason, I'll help her to do the research and send it to you. The internet and Mr Google are so ready to give you those info. Let's be reasonable and be ready to work. If you guys are really wanting to study abroad, you need to show you are all ready to work. Researching stuffs and challenging status quo is what education abroad is mainly about, not the copy and paste many people is accustomed to in our obodo Nigeria o. I was privileged to school here and there.

    • Helison..you need to stop encouraging this laziness attitude. give them the pointer and let them do the work itself. for God sake, all they have to do is get online and type in the information she stated in her video…please stop!!!

  6. Hello Adeola, thank you for your video. I would like to enroll in the any of the free universities if dont mind sending me the link to apply. Please see below email address(maxyllus@gmail.com). Thank you

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