PHOTOS: Another $1.7million Bugatti Veyron car spotted in Lagos

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One of the most expensive cars in the world, the Bugatti Veyron, said to cost around $1.7 million (about N535 million) has been spotted in Lagos State.

This is not the first time the car has been spotted on Nigerian roads.
Facebook user, Damola Ilori, who saw the vehicle posted the pictures on his page with the caption: ‘As seen in Lagos 30 mins ago..for those that don’t know.this is Mr Bugatti Veyron
“Some years ago it was one of the most expensive not to mention fastest road going sports cars in the world.ko ni daa fun recession
Shey the owner don pay tax complete sha’

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  1. lol that does not look like a real Bugatti Veyron. It rather looks like one of those modified cars to look like a Bugatti (meaning they used a small vehicle take for instance a 504 and customised the body to look like a super car). Check on youtube to know what i mean and see how custom car companies use cars at the level of even a Honda to create master piece. I'm sure thats what the owner of this car did. Everything is wrong with this car. From the colour to the shape of the head lamp and the back rounded light that seems smaller than the original. I am a car fanatic. I know a fake when i see one which explains why the car is parked on a very local place. Wish i could post a picture here or can i?

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