Keeping It Real With Adeola – 269 (Buhari’s Health; 39-Year-Old Woman Births 38 Children)

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This week on Keeping It Real, Adeola talks about Buhari’s health.

Passengers at Lagos international airport witness rainfall directly into the airport due to roof leakage.

A 39-Year-old woman in Uganda, Mariam Nabatanzi, gives birth to 38 children.


An officiating pastor in Canada walks out of a wedding because groom has no residency permit/immigration papers.

Adeola also gives shout-outs 


  1. My God to the pastor to that walk out of the wedding ceremony because of paper issues, anytime I watch this or see this it breaks my heart how some pastors, are diagracimg the name of God and the work of God you can see this man is not even a pastor he is proud arrogant fool you don't know the ethics of ministry. No matter the situations it doesn't call for public disgrace or humiliations, I am just heart broken for this two couples the pain they would have being going through now. I wish I know this church I would personally write to them. This is not how you do ministry. And to the airport that is raining all I can say is it is well. Adeola God bless you for this work you are doing, may God continue to promote you and uplift you in the name of Jesus Christ, you will not fail and you will not fall, may God prosper your work and order your steps in the name of Jesus Christ. Remain blessed

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