I’m sometimes ashamed to be called a Nigerian, set to change nationality – PSquare’s Peter Okoye

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Popular Nigerian singer Peter Okoye, who is one of the identical R&B twins, P-square, has announced that he is set to dump Nigeria and become a citizen of another country, saying he is sometimes ashamed to be called a Nigerian over government’s failure “since 1960.”

The singer on Sunday took to his Twitter page to voice his anger.
He tweeted: “And our Government been failing us since 1960.
“Dear FG, for your information! All the Shame way una dey bring  for dis our country na we dey entertainers dey cover una Nash! Ndi ala.

“Sometimes am ashamed to be called a Nigerian because this people😏 Tufia kwa👎🏽 Another Nationality Loading.”


  1. Please do what is in your heart, and what you feel is best for your family. Leave those that want to insult to carry on. I wonder what the young man has said that's a lie. I remember all the slogans of the 80's ,"After the rain, come's shine. Everything good takes time." Then "Nigeria go better", and "Andrew,I'm checking outta did gaddam country". After all those bullshit slogans, what do we have. Worst hunger, intense suffering and helplessness, more corruption than when the slogan was made.
    Let the young man vent, in fact if more people disd same, the government will know everyone now knows their game.

  2. The government should compensate your money & leave with nothing because u made your money in Naija.

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