Corruption incorporated by Nigerian union of thieves at the National Assembly – By Charly Boy

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It didn’t use to be this bad. No thanks to the evil ones; the corrupt geniuses.

I see that the legislooters in our irrational Assembly have taken an oath to divide us, impoverish us, and break us into ethnic factions and religious mugu’s.
They have taken an oath to destroy Naija as they worship and bow to CORRUPTION…They have sold the little part of humanity that is left in them. They have no shame left in their game. 
Amnesty for known Bandits? Somebody, please slap me back into reality.
I am beyond flabbergasted by the audacity of our dishonorable Irrational Assembly riffraffs attempting to frustrate the ongoing war against corruption by sponsoring a bill to exonerate fantastically corrupt criminals and thieves as long as they “invest” their loot in Nigeria.
While a country like China is stamping death penalty on corrupt politicians, our own lawbreakers disguised as “Lawmakers” are preparing a soft landing for Corruption. Never in the history of this Nation has corruption been so voracious in fighting back, the leadership of the anti-graft body designated to fight corruption; EFCC, still faces a hostile Senate. Now, we understand why it took the intervention of human rights lawyers and the presidency to retain the EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu who recently declared that concerted efforts are being made by some big bone-headed Nigerians at the top to neutralize the fight against corruption. What he probably didn’t say was that the barracks of corruption is our legislative houses.
Corruption is one major factor perpetuating poverty.
This useless “Amnesty Bill” which has passed the second reading, seeks to foreclose investigations of high-profile corruption cases, and thus, negate, not only the right of Nigerians to know the truth about what happened to their commonwealth, and their right to justice and accountability.
We must begin to call out these criminals by their names. We must begin to exercise our power and activate our right to recall legislooters.
Our movement is calling on the good people of Ohaukwu constituency in Ebonyi State, please recall your son Linus Okorie – he desperately needs quick mental evaluation plus medical attention. Ebonyi state can do better. In retrospect, the state gave us Akanu Ibiam; a distinguished statesman should not allow this imbecile to destroy its repuation on the national stage. 
The recall process must kick-off in earnest, two-legged,  brain foreclosed moron called Linus. The stark embarrassment to Ebonyi State must not be allowed to continue to insult our intelligence.  
This rape by political criminals parading themselves as leaders and lawmakers has gone on for too long un-resisted, they want their victims to start accepting that this criminal rape is now “consensual sex.” If it wasn’t for our docility, we might not have found ourselves on this altar of shame. Nigerian youths must unanimously stand up to this kinda evil. Enough is Enough.
Nigerian youths, it is time to standup and be counted.
There comes a time in the history of a Suffering people when the Status quo that has eternally failed can no longer be sustained. Let the hungry, angry, vexed, frustrated and hopeless be bonded in a Coalition of the willing to reclaim a country that’s desperately in need of a new direction and a New Path to chart.
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  1. Well done Charly Boy for articulating what's on the mind of every decent and responsible Nigerian. These legislators have taken Nigerians for a ride for far too long. They are grossly overpaid, do absolutely nothing and make no meaningful contribution to advancing the cause of Nigerians and making our nation better. Enough is enough!

    • Under normal circumstances , in normal societies , such as we see today in venezuela ' brazil france or phillipine as we see it today the presse will formerly inform the people as democracy is defined to be the gov of the pple by the pple and for the pple, and all this pple embedes the civil society – lawyers, juges, teachers , nurses doctors managers ,traders buziness men students mothers and fathers and sons and daugthers and pple from all works of life – will storm the house of assamblee as they did in bukina fasso or in Gambia and tear down the entire house this is natural natural reaction of oppressed pple who are normal but Nigeria have been suffering from inflation , massive corruption , glaring perversion of justice, murder armed robbery sulphorous misery and harship , hunger and untimely death dishonsty on every corner and most of all bad faith and plaine stupidity they have become so blind to truth and so ignorant of their dignity that their leaders have taken them for granted. until we gather ourselves and mobilize others to common course change will never come, within the last decade "nigeria have lost 400 billion dollars to corruption embezellement and maladministration " David Cameron Uk last prime minister

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