South African communities give Nigerians quit notice

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The Nigeria Union in South Africa on Wednesday accused two communities in that country of ordering Nigerians to quit the territories.

President of the union, Mr. Ikechukwu Anyene, said the Kuruman community in Northern Cape Province gave Nigerians till Thursday to leave the place.

Anyene also said the Klaafontein community, Extension 5, Johannesburg, directed landlords not to renew the rent of Nigerians in the area.
He said the grievance of the South Africans was that Nigerians were responsible for some social vices such as illicit drug trade and prostitution.
Anyene said: “The Nigeria union held series of meetings with the affected communities as well as police and local authorities on the recent threats to Nigerians.
“We have also written reports on these incidents and sent to the Nigerian Mission and the South African police.
“We recommended interventions before the June 16 deadline to the mission and we are waiting for their response.
“The union is worried that any incident involving non -South Africans are attributed to Nigerians.”
Anyene said a Ugandan man, who allegedly raped a girl in Kwazulu Natal Province, was described as a Nigerian in the media.
“The union believes that the Early Warning Unit set up by Nigerian and South African governments has not been effective.
“We are yet to have any meeting since the ministers of the two countries met.
“Since then, there have been sustained media propaganda against our people here,” Anyene added.



  1. yeah… this real bad news and of course and unfortunate thing. But worse is the case where Nigerians will prefer to move to South Africa because we are not serious yet. The foolish northern youths against the North-residing Igbos, and the Igbos against a one Nigeria. truth be told, we are not serious and I'm sure you know that. so, anybody else can treat us as they like, because we do same to ourselves.

  2. Not supplies because it was said by nnamdi Kanu, not until Nigeria goose there deferent ways people from West Africa can't be respected

  3. I think all of this is stupid and plays into the hands of the former colonial masters. In stead of telling Nigerians to leave why do they tell the white devil's to leave by Sun down or else there will be tragic events happening.

    • White devil here… Should we not stand together to fight theses fascists?

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