Pastor Ashimolowo asks members to give $1,000 dollars for each year they have lived on earth (VIDEO)

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The founder and General Overseer of the Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, has been filmed asking his church members to give a thousand dollars or naira for every year each of them has lived on earth.

He said: “So if you’ve lived on earth 35 years, you give $35,000 (or Naira). If you’ve lived on earth 60 years, you give $60,000 (or Naira).”
During a church service, the man of God, who is worth between 6 and $10 million, according to Forbes, described the offering as “the seed of Glorious expectation”.
Kingsway International Christian Center is located in the United Kingdom with branches in Nigeria.
According to a video which has gone viral on social media, Mr. Ashimolowo said: “For every year you have lived on earth, I want you to give a N100… No sorry, a 1000 naira.
“If you have lived on earth for 35 years, you give N35,000. You have lived 60 years, you give N60,000.
“Those who are paying in dollars to the left while those paying in naira to the right.
“Thousand dollars to the left, thousand naira to the right, those that are doing the both, to the middle.
“Get out of your seats.”
The video was shared by Nigerian On Air Personality, OAP, Daddy Freeze, with the caption: “Nigerians, their IQ of 67 and their men of God. Come and give a thousand dollars for every year you have lived?”
“Can you show me anywhere in the Bible where Jesus used this ‘fund raising’ approach? I remember 5 loaves and 2 fishes but 1000 dollars?”


  1. Either being year 1900 or 2090, wtf is your point here.. I can't believe how ignorant people like you can become with your stupidity.. Shame on you

  2. Please get your facts right before posting false information, Pastor never asked members of church to donate $1000, he mentioned #1000 for the years you have lived on earth and I don't think anybody is forced to give in the household of faith. It is entirely up to you give or hold your peace.

  3. I don't see any problem with this… nobody was forced to give, besides he said if you have $1000 to the left and 1000 naira for every year's you have lived to the right and if you have both in the middle.
    $1000 or
    1000 naira for every year's u have lived or
    Both… he did not say you should sow $1000 for every year's lived… GOD WILL forgive us

  4. Why are we like this in Nigeria,your millionaire pastors is exploiting you that are still finding your feet,yet you re here defending them,Forbes rates Nigerian pastors as stinkingly rich,tell me how do they make the money if not from you gullible followers by paying tithe,has any pastors ever comes out to file in his own tithe or did Bible except them from paying,have you ever Wonder where do those money goes to,all of them rides jet your money would be used to maintain afterall your money bought it,what did Bible says about tithe,Bible never ordered tithe should be paying every month,it is your pastors who manipulate you to be paying every month, because they are the one taking them,Bible says the work you ve done for three years bring 10th % of it to the house of God and it should not be in money it should be in goods,food,drug and so on and if it happen that you re living far from where it is to be submitted, sell it and when you get to where you re to submit it use the money to buy foods,drugs and so on,Bible never ordered tithe should be paid in money, Jesus in his entire live he never collected tithe,Bible even curse tithe payers and collectors.

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