VIDEO: Tears In Lagos as traders lose everything to demolition

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This heartbreaking video shows the agony of Ikorodu traders at Sabo Market in Lagos State.

The shop owners claimed their shops and goods were destroyed overnight by Lagos State government without prior notice.

The traders arrived the next morning to find their properties destroyed. Those who kept money in their shops claimed it was looted!

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  1. Olufemi Akinyemi. Reply

    The Lagos state authorities are pushing people to the edge of society by not allowing them a place within it, which means people are being systematically marginalized. "If you are not rich in Nigeria, you do not matter". A similar thing happened recently to the residents of the
    Otodo Gbame community where tens of thousands of people were rendered homeless, as well as 15 people killed by the authorities while they were trying to stop them demolishing their community. These demolition exercises are always carried out regardless of the court decision not to go ahead, without warning and in the middle of the night, which means this is a well planned operation to make life hell for the very poor in our society. In fact the Lagos state government has completely lost touch with the grassroots, as this is simply a policy of social and economic marginalisation of the hardworking poor.

    People should be standing up against this act of atrocious cruelty in the form of consistent, well organised protests in Lagos state. It is indeed a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering, to say the least. Why are we mistreating ourselves especially the authorities that should be protecting people are the ones inflicting pain and suffering on the poor masses? It is also sad that this is kind of tragic incident is happening under the watch of our democratically elected politicians. The Human rights groups have been closely watching these cases for a long time, and these incidents do not portray a positive image of Nigeria.

    These tragic incidents should not have occurred if the authorities had informed the people well beforehand concerning the demolitions, taken necessary action to relocate the people concerned, as well as properly compensated people if necessary. If we are truly concerned about the rule of law, these are the steps any responsible authority should be taking.

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