Nigerian pastor who recently moved to US shot dead at home

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Police  in Indianapolis, capital of Indiana in the United States have launched a manhunt for the killer of a Nigerian pastor, Oluwadayomisi Epenusi.

The 66-year-old Nigerian was  shot to death  at  the weekend at an apartment complex near 10th Street and I-465 on the city’s west side.

Friends and neighbors said  Epenusi, had only recently moved to Indiana from Nigeria where he worked as a pastor.
Neighbors say they heard a series of gunshots early Saturday morning.
“I heard about 15 gunshots. It was nuts,” said neighbor Kristina Teague
Teague called 911, but by the time police arrived the victim had run back to his apartment and a roommate then drove the bleeding man to Eskenazi Hospital where the 66-year-old died, unable to explain to his roommate what led up to the shooting.
“The roommate said when he was on the way he asked him what happened and why he got shot, but the man couldn’t say nothing because he was still in pain,” said Moshood Kafaru.
Kafaru moved to the United States from Nigeria , as did the victim who worked as a pastor.
“He was just a nice person who would go to work and come home and go to church. He didn’t talk to nobody. He never bothered nobody,” said Kafaru.
Police don’t know for sure, but Kafaru believes the violence started as a robbery.
“He was holding a purse. He refused to let it go. They thought he had money in the purse, but he didn’t want to let it go,” said Kafaru.
A large group of Nigerians live in the apartment complex and those that knew Epenusi say he had been working hard to help his kids to move to the United States.
“They just got a visa. That why he was working, so his family can come over here,” said Kafaru. “He was just an innocent man and it just upsets me that he’s gone just like that.”
“It’s really sad because he was here sending money to his family,” said Teague.
Police have  asked people with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

Reported by Fox News


  1. Certainly a tragedy for the victim and his family. West Indianapolis is the hood; for those who are unfamiliar. How long will Nigerians need to travel abroad in search of a better life? Is Nigeria not a land of untapped riches? There is nothing abroad which we can not cultivate and nurture at home. No matter where outside of Naija we travel, it seems as though we are targets of one form of violence/abuse or another.

  2. A very dumb comment. West side of Indy is not the hood. Be informed before you comment on anything and please use common sense. Nothing wrong with the man seeking better life for His family. Nigerians will keep traveling as long as the situation at home is bad.

    • Katie Branams Reply

      Olamide no need to resort to name calling. Your first comment called West Indianapolis the hood, but that's where we have Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg to name a few, so you can't generalize. I will agree that your comment about West Indy is very uninformed. And if you lived in Indy for real, you will know. However, what do we expect from someone who is ready to cuss and use foul language, seemed you came from the Nigerian slums and lived in the hood yourselves, that's if you really lived in Indy.

    • Ademidun Olayemi Reply

      Really? How can anyone call West side of Indy the hood? There are some rough areas but I do agree with Katie, you can't generalize. But for crying out loud, as a fellow Nigerian, have some respect. A man lost his life, he's trying to take care of his family, yet we find it easy to spew all sorts of garbage because someone disagreed with your point of view and called you out? Have some class please? You're complaining about Nigerians moving here, well I will complain about Nigerians calling people b*tch and finding it easy to use the word f*ck. It's high time we have some respect! If not for ourselves, at least for the dead.

    • I have no patience for anonymous cowards who throw stones from the dark. If you disrespect me, I will respond in kind. Besides that I said nothing to disrespect the late man of God. May his soul find the peace which we all deserve at the end of life.

  3. I lived in Indy for one year and it was enough for me (2002-2003). The backstory is that these medium size American cities are not a joke when it comes to violent street crime. My advise to anyone is to look before you leap. There is nothing worst than going from the frying pan into the fire. I pray that the police are able to capture the perpetrator(s) of this crime, and may Pastor Oluwadayomisi Epenusi rest in perfect peace.


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